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Work with our professional deer fencing services to keep unwanted visitors out of your Central and Southern Indiana property and away from your livestock.

As many Central and Southern Indiana property owners know, keeping deer off your property comes with many unique challenges. Fortunately, the Central and Southern Indiana deer fence experts at Double R Fence are here to help! While deer can gracefully jump over tall obstacles, they can also climb under or through a fence. This poses a unique challenge for fencing professionals and agricultural property owners alike. Our expertise lies in delivering tight and secure deer fences that provide a reliable barrier against deer intrusion.

When it comes to deer fence installation, we know that attention to detail is crucial. Our experienced deer fence installation professionals have the know-how to ensure your new deer fence is installed correctly. We recommend that all deer fences in the Central and Southern Indiana area are at least 6 feet tall and are installed by professionals. From managing the tension of the fencing materials to securing the posts to withstand sudden pressure, our team takes all necessary precautions to ensure that your deer fence remains effective in keeping deer off your property.

Deer Fence Central and Southern Indiana

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A deer fence is a type of barrier designed to keep deer and other wildlife out of specific areas. It is commonly used to protect crops, gardens, orchards, and landscapes in the Central and Southern Indiana region from deer browsing and damage. Deer fences are also commonly used to keep deer out of livestock paddocks.

The height of a deer fence is a crucial factor in its effectiveness. For most deer species, a fence height of 7 to 8 feet is recommended to prevent them from jumping over it. However, in areas with larger deer populations or high deer pressure, taller fences may be necessary. At Double R Fence, we utilize 8-foot tall woven wire to deter deer that are common across the Central and Southern Indiana region.

Yes, while deer fences are primarily designed to deter deer, they can also help keep out other wildlife, such as rabbits, groundhogs, and raccoons, that may cause damage to crops and gardens.

Deer fences are typically made from durable materials such as metal or high tensile wire. Some deer fences also use mesh netting. We find that woven wire fences are the most efficient at doing the job of keeping deer away in the Central and Southern Indiana region.

Regulations and permit requirements for installing a deer fence can vary depending on your location and local zoning ordinances. Many agricultural fence installations in the Central and Southern Indiana area do not require a permit. Before installing a fence, it's a good idea to check with your local government or zoning authority to determine if there are any specific rules or permits needed for fencing installations in your area, or give our experts a call and let us help you through the permitting process.

Fortunately, our high-quality deer fencing materials require very little maintenance, but regular maintenance of a deer fence is important to ensure its continued effectiveness. Inspect the fence periodically for any damage, such as holes or bent posts, and repair them promptly. Trim vegetation around the fence to prevent deer from using it as a jumping platform. If you have an electric fence, check the power supply and wiring regularly to ensure it's functioning correctly.

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