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The safety and well-being of your Central and Southern Indiana animals are a priority and an electric fence effectively offers the security and peace of mind you need.

Our Central and Southern Indiana agricultural fencing crew offers electric fencing options that are specifically designed to keep your livestock safe and secure. By electrifying our high tensile wire fencing or using poly coat fencing, you can create an effective and reliable electric fence suitable for various animals. Whether you have cattle, horses, or other types of animals, our electric fences provide an exceptional solution for containment.

Many Central and Southern Indiana agricultural property owners are concerned about harming their animals with an electric fence. Contrary to popular belief, electric fences are not harmful or cruel to animals. The electric charge sent through the wire is a slight shock that does not harm the livestock. Very quickly, the electric fence becomes a psychological barrier; animals learn that touching the fence will shock them, and they usually stop trying to touch the fence entirely. This helps to keep your animals within your property while also acting as a deterrent for potential predators.

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Our electric fences use pulses of electricity to deter animals from crossing the boundary. It consists of electrified wires that carry the electric charge and deliver a harmless but memorable shock to livestock that come into contact with the fence, effectively preventing them from entering or exiting the protected area. The electric wires in our Central and Southern Indiana agricultural fences are strong, preventing livestock from pushing through the fence, and the small electric shock serves as a psychological deterrent for livestock.

Electric fencing in the Central and Southern Indiana area is effective for keeping out a wide range of animals, including livestock such as cattle, sheep, goats, and horses. It can also deter predators like foxes, coyotes, and bears, as well as wildlife that might damage crops, such as deer and raccoons.

Electric fences are designed to provide a safe deterrent rather than harm animals. The electric shock is brief and harmless, teaching animals to avoid the fence. To ensure safety, use appropriate voltage levels recommended for the species you're fencing in. Regularly inspect and maintain the fence to prevent shorts or voltage leaks that could lead to stronger shocks. Our experts at Double R Fence can help you identify the right voltage and set up for your electric fence.

Regulations and safety guidelines for electric fences can vary by location in Central and Southern Indiana. It's important to check with your local authorities to understand any legal requirements for installing and using electric fences and our team can help you understand your property's unique requirements. Additionally, follow safety recommendations, including using warning signs, keeping energizers and wires properly maintained, and using appropriate voltage levels to prevent harm to animals and humans.

Electric fences are generally highly effective at deterring animals when installed and maintained properly. The shock they deliver is a strong deterrent that animals quickly learn to avoid. However, effectiveness can depend on factors like the quality of the fence installation.

Yes, electric fences are incredibly popular among Central and Southern Indiana property owners. Many livestock owners consider an electric fence to be a crucial part of keeping their animals safely enclosed in the Central and Southern Indiana property because they are highly effective at preventing livestock from pushing over fences.

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