If you own or manage an agricultural property, you realize the value of long-lasting, durable fencing solutions. Board fences are a long-standing and popular choice due to their adaptability and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The fence specialists at Double R Fence are ready to help you discover the various benefits of choosing a board fence as your Bloomington, Indiana farm fence. 


There are numerous reasons to use a board fence, and this article will highlight the options available to meet your specific needs. Continue reading to learn how a board fence from a top-rated Bloomington, Indiana fence company can improve your agricultural property.

1. Board Fences Enhance Security 

First and foremost, board fences from a Bloomington, Indiana fence company create a solid and secure barrier that successfully confines and protects your valuable possessions. Whether you own cattle or need specified areas for various farming activities, board fences create distinct boundaries, limiting the possibility of animals straying away or unwanted trespassing. Board fences’ robust structure deters potential predators, providing peace of mind and protecting your livestock from harm.

2. Elevate Your Property Aesthetics

A board fence as a Bloomington, IN farm fence is not only useful but also visually appealing, bringing a classic and timeless charm to any agricultural property. The natural warmth and rustic appeal of wood board fences blend well with the rural scenery, improving the overall aesthetics of your surroundings. Choosing board fences increases the functionality and visual attractiveness of your agricultural environment.

3. Customize Your Board Fence

When it comes to board fences, you have several options to select from, which ensures that the fence meets your needs and preferences. The most frequent forms of board fences are as follows:


  • Post and Rail Fence: This robust board fence has horizontal boards in 2-rail, 3-rail, and 4-rail designs that attach to equally spaced vertical posts, creating a more solid barrier. 
  • Crossbuck Fence: This decorative type, commonly found around driveways or entrances, features crisscrossing boards that give your property a distinct appearance. 


Remember, you can also choose to paint or stain your board fence to match your existing structures, revitalize aging wood, or simply add a personal touch to your property’s unique style. The customization options for your Bloomington, Indiana farm fence are endless!

Transform Your Agricultural Property with a Bloomington, IN Farm Fence

Are you searching for a fence that seamlessly blends durability, adaptability, and aesthetics? Board fences offer the perfect solution. With their robustness, minimal maintenance requirements, and resilience against Indiana’s weather, they provide reliable protection and security for any property. Trust Double R Fence’s expertise to ensure expert installation of your fence, promising years of dependable protection for your agricultural needs.

Choose to Work With a Top-Rated Bloomington, IN Fence Company

Board fences that are installed by an experienced Bloomington, Indiana fence company like Double R Fence are a durable and adaptable solution that suits both functional and aesthetic requirements in an agricultural setting. Board fences add value to your property by improving security, defining boundaries, and embracing the rustic appeal of wood. They also blend effortlessly with the surrounding environment.


With several options and customization possibilities, embark on a fencing journey that reflects your agricultural vision. Call us today at (812) 655-1965 or contact us online to explore your specific requirements and discover the perfect board fence solution tailored to your unique agricultural property.