Livestock guard dogs (LDGs) do a fantastic job protecting your animals in Southern Indiana, but do you have the appropriate precautions in place to protect your guard dogs? Our Bloomington, IN fencing contractors at Double R Fence know that creating the perfect LGD fence can be a challenge depending on the temperament and age of your LDGs. In this blog, we’ll walk you through any factors you need to consider when installing a LGD and provide our recommendations for some best practices! 

Why Do Livestock Guard Dogs Require Fencing?

All LGDs have the natural instinct to roam and explore, and the idea of creating a fenced area for livestock and guard dogs is relatively new. However, free-roaming guard dogs that are not protected by fences are in great danger from traffic, natural predators, traps and poisons, or any human neighbors. 

Protecting your LGD is critical to keeping your livestock safe. The only way for your LGD to effectively protect your flock is if they are close enough to hear, see, or smell potential danger. The best way to protect all of your animals is to invest in a secure, long-lasting LGD fence. 

Important Considerations for Effective LGD Fencing

Many LGDs can escape fences that are less than 6’ tall or poorly installed. They have been known to crawl and dig under fences, slip through gates, jump and climb over fences, and even chew holes through fencing. Therefore, choosing a strong and durable fence is an important part of creating a safe enclosure for your livestock and guard dog. 


Many ranchers working with our Southern Indiana fence company also use electric fencing as an additional psychological deterrent to prevent LGDs from leaning against fences, chewing, and jumping. Other farm owners use invisible dog fencing combined with a strong physical fence to deter LGDs from attempting to escape. 

Best LDG Fencing Solutions From Our Bloomington, IN Fencing Contractors

Woven Wire Fencing 

Woven wire fencing is among the most common types of LGD fencing because the small holes prevent animals from slipping through the fence, and the strong metal construction stops guard dogs from chewing holes. At our Southern Indiana fence company, we construct many woven wire fences for livestock owners with LDGs, especially on properties with large pastures and properties that will require large amounts of fencing. 

Chain Link Fencing 

Chain link fencing is another reliable LGD fencing solution thanks to its durable and sturdy construction. The galvanized steel materials are woven together in a small enough pattern to prevent animals from escaping. They are also well suited for creating a safe space for puppies when breeding guard dogs or to securely contain female LGDs when in heat. 

Electric Fencing

Electric fencing is an excellent choice for securing and containing LGDs. The electrical charge of the fence acts as a deterrent for your dogs, training them to stay within boundaries and discouraging any attempts to escape. This form of fencing offers enhanced security, ease of installation, and provides a humane yet efficient solution for containing and protecting your LGDs and livestock. Electric fencing for LGDs comes in several forms; reach out to our team to learn more about the best electric fencing solution for your property. 

Jump Gates 

If you have multiple pastures that you want your livestock guard dog to protect while keeping your other animals safely contained, a jump gate is a valuable solution. A jump gate is a special fence gate with a triangular opening that is elevated a few feet above the ground. Although it requires training for your LGD to navigate through it, once mastered, it allows the dog to freely move between pastures while ensuring the livestock remains in their designated areas.

Why Should You Work With a Professional Bloomington, IN Fencing Contractor on Your LGD Fence?

Unlike amateur fencing crews or even customers interested in taking a DIY approach, a professional fencing contractor can guarantee the security and strength of your LGD fence. Working with a professional team can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your livestock. 

At Double R Fence, we have the equipment necessary to properly space your fence posts and secure the metal fabric, even along very long stretches of fence. Our professional installations minimize any gaps in your fence to reduce potential injury risks for your livestock and guard dogs. When you work with our team, we will provide you with a custom fencing recommendation for your LGD based on our years of professional experience and additional guidance about maintenance, repairs, and fencing longevity!

Learn More About LGD Fencing from the Pros at our Southern Indiana Fence Company

Investing in a suitable LGD fence is important for the safety and security of your livestock and guard dogs. At Double R Fence, we are invested in your satisfaction and the security of your livestock. To get started on your livestock dog guard fence, reach out to our team online or call us at (812) 655-1965. For the best Bloomington, IN fencing contractors, look no further than our crew!