Not only can deer wreak havoc on your landscaping and plants, but deer in Bloomington can also bring dangerous ticks and pests into your property! As a trusted Bloomington, IN fence company, Double R Fence installs secure, long-lasting deer fences for our customers throughout Central and Southern Indiana. Keep reading to learn more about how our team ensures your fence keeps out deer and protects your agricultural or residential property.

Understanding Deer Fencing

At first glance, a Bloomington, Indiana deer fence may just sound like any other type of fence. However, many fences, especially on residential properties or ranches, do not need to withstand large animals jumping or running directly into a fence! Deer fences must be able to withstand and deter deer from running and attempting to jump over the fence when they are spooked and or trying to find food. A determined deer is strong, and a tall, sturdy deer fence is essential to keeping them out of your property. 

The Most Important Considerations for a Bloomington, Indiana Deer Fence 

Let’s explore their features, benefits, and considerations, so you have all the information you need to choose the perfect deer fencing solution for your needs.


Research by the USDA suggests that some species of deer can jump over fences that are 7’ tall! In our experience as a Bloomington, IN fence company specializing in deer fencing, we install deer fences that are between 6-8’ tall. 


If you live in an area with a large deer population or have species of deer known for leaping over tall fences like whitetail deer, a taller fence will be more effective. Additionally, 6-foot tall fences are a strong deterrent, and deer that are searching for food are much less likely to try and leap over a fence that is that high. 


Deer fencing is not a one-size-fits-all solution! In most cases, Bloomington, Indiana deer fences are typically made from durable materials such as metal or high tensile wire, but mesh netting may also occasionally be used. At our Bloomington, IN fence company, we find that woven wire fences are the most efficient at keeping deer away. 


Strong deer fences must resist the force of sudden impacts. Deer running through the forest may not notice your fence, or they may not be able to clear the height of the fence as they jump. Strong deer fencing materials will ensure that the sudden impact from a large, fast deer will not create spaces for the deer to jump through. Strong materials also prevent deer from attempting to climb under the fence. 


As previously mentioned, deer fences must resist the force of a running or jumping deer. This is even more important if you are trying to enclose a large area like a Bloomington agricultural property. If there are any loose or weak spots in your fence, your entire fence becomes much less effective, and deer can quickly learn to exploit that weakness. 


Installing a high-quality deer fence across a large property requires experience and know-how. That’s where our Bloomington, IN fence company comes in! We have specialized equipment and skilled fence installers to make the fence installation process simple and streamlined. Check out our photo gallery to see some of our finished Southern Indiana commercial fences and agricultural fences! 


Taking care of your Central and Southern Indiana deer fence is essential to making sure your deer fence effectively keeps deer out of your agricultural property. To start maintaining your deer fence, clear away any debris from the fence line and trim any tree branches that may hang over your fence. 


Once your fence is clear, check for any signs of damage, rusting, or weakening. Depending on the materials your fence is made out of and the extent of the damage, this may require extensive repairs with a professional or a simple fix. Performing routine maintenance and identifying problems early will prevent the problems from becoming larger and more expensive to fix. 

Styles of Deer Fencing in Bloomington, IN

Indiana Woven Wire Fencing

Woven wire fencing in Bloomington is the gold standard for deer fencing! We install 6-8’ tall woven wire deer fences that are strong enough to withstand any impacts from deer and tall enough to deter them from jumping over. The woven wire material is made from galvanized steel, which is resistant to rusting and rotting. 

Electric Fencing in Central and Southern Indiana

Bloomington, IN electric fencing is sometimes used as a deer fence and can be a psychological deterrent. However, they are less effective at physically keeping deer out of your property and require more maintenance than a standard woven wire fence. Additionally, electric fences are not usually suitable for residential properties or protecting roads. 

High Tensile Fence for Bloomington Properties

High tensile fencing in Central and Southern Indiana is also sometimes used to prevent deer from jumping into your yard. However, unlike woven wire fencing that extends all the way to the ground, high tensile fencing allows deer to climb under or through the fence. 

Work With the Top Bloomington, IN Fencing Company for your Deer Fence

When you need a deer fence in Central and Southern Indiana, look no further than the experts at our farm fencing company. Look no further than Double R Fence for quality customer service and a team that cares about your project. We are excited to create a beautiful deer fence for your agricultural or residential property. To get started, contact our team at (812) 655-1965 or contact us online. Let our team show you why Double R Fence is a top-rated Bloomington, IN deer fencing company!